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Group Classes

If you're looking for a set course that includes everything you need to know

about birth and early parenting, where you'll meet other parents-to-be

in a small and friendly setting, then this is for you.

If you're looking for a one-day workshop that gives

you and your birth partner top practical tips to use in labour and birth,

where you'll meet other parents-to-be

in a small and friendly setting, then this is for you. 

Heard about hypnobirthing but not sure what it is, then this is for you.

Complete Birth and Postnatal Education

5-week course


Group classes are £250

      For all classes deposit £50 and payment plans are available for remaining balance

Start classes from 20 weeks pregnant.

Classes are informal, informative, fun and for everyone, birth partners welcome!

I'm really visual so love a prop and you get to play with pelvis and birth balls!

We talk, discuss, watch videos, practice techniques and you can ask as many questions as you'd like!

It's so much more than just a 5-week course, feel supported through your whole pregnancy and into family life 

*Please note if a group does not fully book up you will be offered a personal course or to book onto a following group course.

What's included...

Week 1: The mind, nervous system, hormones, how they affect the body and creating a calm birth space

Week 2: Contractions, birth environments, practical support - water, positions, massage, breathing and how to prevent tearing

Week 3: Drugs, monitoring, baby positions, assisted and caesarean birth, induction methods, birth rights and writing birth plans 

Week 4: Stages of labour and how to support them

Week 5: First few weeks with a newborn 

The first 4 weeks we cover everything from...

...home birth to caesarean birth, ...breathing techniques to epidurals mindset physically affects us, 

...what's going on for your body and your baby during birth

...understanding medical terms and procedures offered and why

There's practical tips for you and your birth partner like...

...ideas to create your birth space how you want

...different techniques to support labour what to include in your birth plan

'Now I'm confident about my birth, 

what do I do with a baby!!'

I used to get asked this question a lot which is why there is now a class focusing on the early days with a new baby.

In week 5 we cover...

All the practical things like...

..the early days as a new family, ...recovery after birth

...babies - feeding, nappies, carrying, crying

...sleeping for all - safely and the importance of rest

and things you might not have considered such as...

...expectations and how to manage them

...receiving support and handling visitors

...writing a postnatal plan 


The main thing that sets this course apart from your

typical antenatal class is my support.

From the moment you pay your deposit to once you're settled with your new baby, I'm there for all your questions, to signpost or simply give encouragement on the way! 

Working in the local community for many years means I have lots of knowledge and resources for all aspects of pregnancy and postnatal care. 


You receive lots of useful resources to support your journey including a Parents Workbook, worksheets to fill out,

guided relaxations to listen to for practice at home and you're welcome to borrow any books from my library.

As well as an invitation to join 'The Parent Collective' WhatsApp Group and regular meet-ups


My Birth Toolkit Workshop

Sunday 18 August

Sunday 13 October

One-day Workshop for you and your birth partner

This one-day workshop is dedicated to top practical tips for you and your birth partner to use during labour and birth.

Classes run from Tree of Life, Portland Road, Hove, come meet other parents-to-be in this small, friendly setting and learn

*Introduction to hypnobirthing

*Breathing and massage techniques


*Understanding stages of labour working with contractions

*Using a birth pool and other pain relief

*Your birth rights

You will receive a free relaxation audio and useful handouts, 

access to my pregnancy, birth and parenting library and

an invitation to join 'The Parent Collective' WhatsApp Group and regular meet-ups

*Please note this workshop is not a full birth and postnatal education and focuses on tips for birth*

'The Parent Collective'

Everyone attending a Positive Reasons class will be invited to

join the 'The Parent Collective' WhatsApp group and meet-ups.

A wider network for you to

meet other parents-to-be and new parents,

who have attended classes/ services  

with me or other local hypnobirthing teachers.


Connect, share ideas and thoughts

about pregnancy and your new family life


Free Hypnobirthing Taster 

Are you interested in hypnobirthing antenatal classes but not sure what they involve?

Not sure whether to do a 1:1 or group course?

Come join me on Zoom to find out more about how hypnobirthing antenatal classes can help you

to build confidence, gain knowledge and feel prepared for your pregnancy, birth and early parenthood!

There will be a Q&A space where you can ask me anything!

'We loved doing the course with Sally. It was super informal and easy to interact and feel like we were being listened too and guided in a personal way. Sally has stayed in touch since the course finished and it is really reassuring knowing that she is there if we have questions. Def recommend. I feel positive about giving birth and working together with my partner'

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'Where do I start! Sally was so amazing for us, she has helped us before attending the course, during, out of hours as well as in the postnatal period. Sally still continues to check in on us, giving us advice with breast feeding, self-care and more .Any questions or concerns we had, Sally was very eager to answer or find out more for us with her great connections. I feel I was able to relax and adapt more to the birthing experience and after thanks to Sally. Every session we learned something new in a relaxing, creative and fun way. We will definitely be attending the course again when we have more children. I feel like there is always something to learn, even after having a baby myself.' 

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'We attended Sally’s hypnobirthing and antenatal course prior to the birth of our second child, and we are so glad we did. The course is in-depth and Sally tailors it to the personal circumstances of those in the class which we really appreciated. Sally has a true passion for her work, and kept in touch with us after the course. We felt really supported during a difficult time of complications at the end of the pregnancy. We would highly recommend Sally’s course.' 

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