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Hi! I'm Sally! 

I live in Brighton and Hove with my 2 children, husband and cat!

I absolutely love supporting people through pregnancy, birth, into early parenthood,

sharing part of your journey into confidence and empowerment as a family.

I strongly believe knowledge is power and my motto is:


Be informed!

Be empowered!

Make the right choices for you!

 For some people pregnancy, birth and early parenthood can feel exciting but also scary and unknown.

I enjoy creating a space that feels safe to talk things through and so you feel heard in an unbiased and honest way.

A space for you to learn practical information and discuss

any emotional aspects that may come up about the perinatal period.

It always amazes me to see how you can often find transferable resources within yourself that perhaps you didn't know you had and

then move forwards with belief in yourself to make the right choices in pregnancy and birth that suit you.

My nature is very friendly, compassionate and sensitive whilst being open-minded.

My teaching approach is nurturing and calm. I am a good listener and have an OCN Intermediate Certificate in Counselling.

For 10 years, I have worked front-line in a local family centre, alongside Community Midwives, health and early years professionals. 

This work gives me up-to-date connections with maternity and family-based services in the Brighton and Hove area. 

By reading and taking various courses I constantly further my knowledge so I can provide the best and most current support I can.

In each of my services I combine all of my experience and knowledge

so I am there for you and your birth partner with practical and emotional support all the way!

Why I do what I do!

When I meet a someone who is near to meeting their baby and they say to me

'I am terrified! I don't know what to expect! I just want to get the birth over and done with'

it makes me feel so sad! I know there are so many things that could help..

It brings me total happiness when I hear a story from a family that I have worked with and

they proudly say 'I did it'!  It could be about how they trusted themselves to

make choices they wanted during pregnancy or labour or an experience in the postnatal period, 

either way, to see their confidence shine through is a real gift!

These experiences will stay with you for life!

For both my pregnancies and births I used hypnobirthing techniques.

By gaining an understanding of birth and the process of labour

I could accept what was happening and work with my body and baby.

My births were very different but for both I felt safe, an element of control and

couldn't believe how empowered I felt in ways that I didn't think birth could be.

These experiences inspired me to become a hypnobirthing teacher so I could share

this life-changing information with other families. I qualified in 2016 in

Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing, whose training is recognised by The Royal College of Midwives.

Since then, I have had the absolute joy and privilege of teaching hypnobirthing antenatal classes and bring everything that I have learnt from different parts of my life into each class.


In 2020, when Covid started I wanted to support families even more so

 I completed another dream of mine, that was inspired by the birth of my daughter,

and trained as a Birth and Postnatal Doula with Nurturing Birth.

at the County (18).JPG

My complete passion of the birth world and perinatal period is part of my whole life.


 I am here to share the love of what I do so you can have

the most informed and empowering experience you can.

For a more general chat about any of the services I provide

please call me on 07956 573713

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