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Hypnobirthing Explained

What have you previously heard about birth?

That it can be calm, empowering and amazing? Or that it can be painful, last for hours and best to get over and done with?

How about early parenting?

That it can be supported and rewarding? Or that is can be exhausting and isolating?

For some pregnancy, birth and early parenthood can feel very exciting but also scary and unknown.

Perhaps you have seen it represented on TV or heard stories from friends about what to expect but actually you have no idea!

Or this is not your first child and would like to have a powerful and empowering experience!

This is where hypnobirthing comes in...


What do you think of when you hear the term hypnobirthing?

Something that can only be used for natural birth? A bit airy-fairy? 

It acutally isn't at all!

It is a logical approach that can be used for any type of birth. 

The 'hypno' part comes from deep relaxation and the 'birthing' part,

I associate with birthing knowledge.

It unites a complete birth education with practical tools so you and your birth partner can make evidence-based choices in your

 pregnancy, birth and into parenting.

It is simple, practical and effective!

How does it work?

A complete hypnobirthing antenatal class teaches you physical aspects of birth such as hormones, physiology of birth,

contractions and different stages of labour, medical terms and procedures that can be offered, birth rights and 

an understanding that your body and birth are your own and that you have a voice.

Understand ways to support your pregnancy, birth and into early parenthood through different

deep relaxation techniques including breathing, positive language, reframing your mindset, massage and other methods.

This combination of mind/ body connection, together with practical tools, 

support you and your birth partner to make informed choices and

gain confidence to create an empowering experience.

Knowledge is power and the key to hypnobirthing to me is:

Be informed!

Be empowered!

Make the right choices for you!

A process not just another pain relief..


Birth is birth and each has its own unique journey. 

Hypnobirthing aims to give you the tools

to use in any situation and adapt your birth plan,

whatever circumstances arise. 

It is not a birth method that you start,

then try something else, it is a mindset

that can be used to support any situation.

It can be used for hospital, home or birth centre in spontaneous labour or Induction,

VBAC, planned or unplanned caesarean birth,

with or without other pain-relief.

Hypnobirthing benefits everyone!

The people around you during birth have a direct impact to your experience. You will remember how your baby came into the world.

Hypnobirthing can enhance this shared, life-changing experience for everyone.

By having a greater understanding of the physiology of pregnancy and birth can help you feel more comfortable and in control.

It can provide a more confident and calm approach in pregnancy, birth and parenting.


For a Birth Partner by understanding your essential role, having practical tools and knowing the process of birth,

you can support your loved one in an active and positive way.

Practicing deep relaxation techniques can have a positive affect on your baby in utero, during birth and once born.

Classes can be started at any time during pregnancy, 
ideally from the second trimester, as practice is the key! 

Start your empowering journey today!

What people are saying about hypnobirthing...

'Thank-you for everything - the breathing and visualistations definitely got me through some intense surges and tougher moments! And we really feel confident in our knowledge and decisions all the way through xxx'

'Labour went so beautifully and I fully put it down to hypnobirthing so thank you so so much for everything'

'Now just feeling in total shock about giving birth at all haha!! I cannot tell you how much your session helped us both. I can't believe I had no pain killers, I was so in control. So much so I didn't even think it could be labour until about 5 hours in haha! xxxx'

'We went through every possible induction option and ended with a caesarean. My birth partner was saying to the Midwife that being so well informed on everything made making those decisions much less stressful.' 

'So I went from 2cm to 8cm in 4 just doing the hypnobirthing, yoga and dancing techniques. After that point I went mad! Anyway the Midwife were very strong and good kept me going, changed the position in the bed and at the end I did.

Wow I didn't believe! So beautiful'

'Anyway Sally I'm very happy with my baby and I had, we had the birth of my dreams. Thank you for your support and classes which made a total difference.'

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