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Baby Massage Classes

Take time to bond with your baby,

learn techniques to support their development and physical health 

and meet other new parents in a cosy, friendly setting.

Suitable from 6 weeks to 6 months

Next Group Courses...

At Tree of Life Centre, Portland Road, Hove 


Thursday 13 June - 11 July

Thursday 15 August - 12 September

  £55 for 5 weeks including massage oil and handbook

Monthly Sunday Class

10.30-11.30 Sunday 9 June

  £15 including massage oil and handbook

Want your own Group or 1:1?

Have your own one-off or group class with friends,

antenatal friends, Dads, parents or even a 1:1

'Touch is the first language we speak!'

Touch is the most developed sense in a new baby. 
By giving baby massage you build connection and can support their growth and well-being.

There are so many benefits for both you and your baby...
*Through touch and spending time together you can create a stronger bond
*Support physical ailments such as teething, constipation, wind, colic, colds etc
*Assist developmental areas such as rolling, cognitive and brain development etc
*Promote feelings of wellbeing, relaxation and even help with sleep!

Baby massage is so much more than just a class! 
You learn skills that you can use in everyday life for you and your family.

What happens in a Baby Massage Class?
 Over the 5 weeks you learn the history, benefits and practical massage techniques.
Starting off with the basics, each week you add more strokes until you've learn the whole body!
This gives you lots of time to practice and 
ask questionsso you feel confident to massage your baby at home.
The class is relaxed, welcoming and totally baby-led.
Strokes are taught for all kinds of scenarios; laying down, tummy time, sitting up, feeding, however your baby wants to be.

All is welcome!
This is a space for you to feel welcome, whether you've been up all night, not brushed your hair that day,
baby is sleeping, crying, feeding - it's all ok!


'The Parent Collective'

Everyone attending a Positive Reasons class will be invited to

join the 'The Parent Collective' WhatsApp group and meet-ups.

A wider network for you to

meet other parents-to-be and new parents,

who have attended classes/ services  

with me or other local hypnobirthing teachers.


Connect, share ideas and thoughts

about pregnancy and your new family life

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My baby and I truly enjoyed Sally’s baby massage classes. Sally is knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter, which made it even more enjoyable.Throughout the course, we learned different massage techniques and were given easy-to-follow instructions, which allowed me to feel confident when massaging my baby at home. Additionally, the course provided a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and share experiences. I’d highly recommend this baby massage course to any parent who is looking for a fun and relaxing way to bond with their baby.


Sally offers a calm and comfortable space perfect for mum and baby. Everything is completely baby led so we were able to enjoy her baby massage class at our own pace. The class was also very informative. Highly recommend

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Wonderful baby massage class.

We left each week feeling refreshed and my baby would always sleep soundly that night.

I would definitely recommend

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