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What is a Birth Doula?

A Birth Doula provides practical and emotional support to you and your birth partner during the birth of your baby.

This support can vary depending on your individual birth ideas and needs.

A Birth Doula's key role is to support you and your birth choices so you can move forward confidentially

towards your birthing experience whether it be in hospital or at home.

A Birth Doula a trained support person and is not medically qualified so cannot give medical advice.

Research has shown that having continuous care during your birth can help support a more comfortable birthing experience.

As a Birth Doula I am there just for you!

To support you whilst you give birth to your baby either alongside your chosen Birth Partner or be your actual Birth Partner.

To help create a safe, supportive birth space that is right for you, so you can fully focus on birthing your baby.

What support can a Birth Doula offer?

I am a fully insured, qualified Birth Doula and trained with Nurturing Birth.

I also use all my experience and knowledge from the 10 years I have worked in the community

supporting pregnant women and families, in all of the work I do.

The support you would like from your Birth Doula is totally personal but can include:

*Emotional support

*Birth Plan preparation

*Signposting to relevant evidence-based information

*Continous care during labour, however you would like this to be

*Support with or as your birth partner


*Help with a Postnatal Recovery Plan

*Follow up care after the birth of your baby!

Antenatal Meeting

Before your birth a Birth Doula I can meet you a couple of times, so we can get to know each other, discuss your birth plans 

so we can work out the best way to support you and your Birth Partner during the actual birth.

During Birth

As a Birth Doula I can be on 24/7 call from the latter stages of pregnancy until the actual birth.

My main role as a Birth Doula is to provide continuity of care during your labour.

This can be an active or passive role depending on your desires of the situation, reassuring you all the way.

Once baby is born, I stay with you until you have settled together comfortably.

Postnatal Visit

In the initial days after your baby is born I will visit and provide any support required; both practically and emotionally.

As your Birth Doula I aim to provide you with all the love and care you deserve during the birth of your baby.

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