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Postnatal Doula Services

As a Postnatal Doula I support you with

 emotional and physical back-up that you may not receive in the same way from elsewhere. 

I will be there to encourage, listen, cheer you on

whilst you grow in confidence

at the beginning of your new journey as a family. 

Providing comfort and care for you in your own home

whilst you take care of your new baby and heal from birth.

‘When a baby is born, a family is born’

Why is postnatal support is important?

Pregnancy and birth are an incredibly powerful experience for all involved. 

It takes 9 months to slowly grow, develop a baby within your body, so why would it not take time to recuperate and heal after a birth?


The immediate days after a birth are a huge adjustment, not only is pregnancy and birth 

 a massive physical feat, it is a remarkably emotional one.

Everyone within the family needs time to grow and adapt to their new dynamics.

This requires the same treatment as the birth; space, quiet, limited and supportive people around, calm and

most of all love ‘Oxytocin’ to flow to support bonding, skin-to-skin, feeding, recovery and adjustment to new family life.


Bonding is one of the essential parts of parenting as it supports the development of a baby's neurological pathways.

In a nurtured environment it can create an emotionally well-balanced foundation for them.

Having a dedicated person to be there for you and your needs so you can focus fully on your new baby totally enables this. 

Have you ever heard the phrase...


'It takes a village to raise a child'

Support Offered

Support can be flexible depending on your individual need. It can vary from frequency of a couple of days after birth to regularly weekly slots over a couple of months. Whatever you feel bests supports you and your family.

Prices range from:

£20 per hour

Packages - over a period of time

£185 - 10 hours 

£350 - 20 hours

*Please note specific breastfeeding support if priced separately


A Postnatal Doula provides practical, physical and emotional support to you and your new family

in the postnatal period, once baby is born. 

A Postnatal Doula can provide comfort and care for you in your own home whilst you take care of your new baby and heal from birth.

A Postnatal Doula is a trained support person and not medically qualified so cannot give medical advice.


I am a fully insured, qualified Postnatal Doula and trained with Nurturing Birth.

I also use all my experience and knowledge from the 14 years I have worked in the community

supporting pregnant women and families, in all of the work I do.


Support needed will vary from family to family but there are 2 basic elements; emotional and physical.


The need for emotional support should not be underestimated with a new baby! Adapting to your new family-life,

changes to your relationship can all  feel overwhelming, challenging and tiring at times so I can be there for you on many levels!

Someone to listen to you and your birth partner in a non-judgemental way so you feel heard!

You may want to discuss your birth story, or any thoughts / concerns and I will provide a reassuring, comforting ear.

Supporting you and your birth partner to be aware of and manage your

well-being and mental health in the short and long term is essential too.


Resting and taking time for you all is so important in the first couple of months.

I can provide you, your birth partner and baby with practical support and help you make a postpartum recovery plan

including any practical and psychological elements that can assist with the adjustment to new family life.

This may include looking at baby-feeding choices, how to manage sleep changes, bathing, nappy choices, identifying support systems, outings, simple household tasks,managing realistic expectations and much more!

Keeping healthy is vital during recovery so I can prepare nutritious meals for you or your family.

I can provide practical support with baby or other family members so you can rest or take a shower.

Using my knowledge I will provide you with relevant evidence-based postnatal information and signpost to appropriate services

so you can make informed choices about early parenting that suit you.

As your Postnatal Doula I am there for you to provide the nurturing space you deserve

 to heal and strengthen, holding you all as you grow and move forward in confidence as a family.

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