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Relaxation Club

Relaxation Club is a space where you can

unwind, let-go and enjoy the moment!

There are clubs for whether you're pregnant and just want to connect to this time or whether you have a baby and would like to share some relaxation space together.

Mindful activities can include guided meditations, self or baby massage, positive statements, sound bath, foot soaks and much more!

   It's a great place to join other parents-to-be or new parents

in a friendly, cosy setting at my home in West Hove.

And there's always time to chat with a cuppa and some cake!

Baby & You Relaxation Club

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Pregnancy Relaxation Club

Imagine a wonderful afternoon full of nurture and calm!

Leave your 'to-do list' at the door and just enjoy being pregnant!

This is the whole idea behind Pregnancy Relaxation Club!

  Join other parents-to-be in a friendly, cosy setting at my home in West Hove.

£40 includes everything!

What do we do...

We begin with gentle grounding guided relaxation

...then welcome our guest speaker, such as sound bath, self-massage

...enjoy tea and cake

...deeper guided relaxation

...mindful activity such as salt footbath, creative positive affirmations

Go home feeling totally calm and relaxed!

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'A really relaxing and insightful afternoon.

Would highly recommend one of Sally's afternoons for any

pregnant mum-to-be!

A friendly and safe space to chill out'

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'Highly recommend the

pregnancy relaxation workshops.

Definitely relaxing and much more.

Thanks Sally'

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'I attended Sally's pregnancy relaxation club and it was such a lovely session - I slept better than I had for a long time afterwards!

I thought the format was great -

loved the relaxed feel and

Sally is so welcoming and

skilled at putting people at ease

and creating a really nurturing environment. Highly recommended'

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