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Practical and emotional support

for your birth or postnatal period.




LAST GROUP CLASS 2021 - 4 spaces available

7-9.30pm Mondays - 8 November - 6 December



FIRST GROUP CLASS 2022 - 4 spaces available

7-9.30pm Mondays - 10 January - 7 February


Everything you need to

gain confidence, feel informed and empowered

for your birth and early parenthood!

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Hi, I'm Sally and welcome to Positive Reasons!

I live in Brighton, with my 2 children, husband and cat!

I am passionate about pregnancy, birth and early parenthood and have

over 10 years experience of working in the community supporting pregnancy and families.

I am a qualified Hypnobirthing Antenatal Teacher and Birth and Postnatal Doula.

I believe in knowledge is power and my motto is

Be informed!

Be empowered!

Make the right choices for you!


What have you previously heard about birth?

That it can be calm, empowering and amazing? Or that it can be painful, last for hours and best to get over and done with?

How about early parenting?

That it can be supported and rewarding? Or that is can be exhausting and isolating?

For some people pregnancy, birth and early parenthood can feel very exciting but also scary and unknown.

Perhaps you have seen it represented on TV or heard stories from friends about what to expect but actually you have no idea!

Or this is not your first child and would like to have a powerful and empowering experience!

Learn detailed birth and early parenting preparation to make the right choices for your pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

Moving you from feeling unsure of what to expect, to having a toolkit you can feel confident about in any situation.

Your experience of birth and early parenthood can stay with you for life, get prepared for the best start possible!

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Hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes

In Positive Reasons hypnobirthing antenatal sessions you learn a complete antenatal programme combined with

deep relaxation techniques so you can make informed choices for your own birth.

Classes are back to face-to-face in my home in West Hove.

Virtual classes are still available if you'd prefer.

Last Group Course of 2021 - 7-9.30pm Monday 8 November - Monday 6 December 

First Group Course of 2022 - 7-9.30pm Monday 10 January - Monday 7 February

£250  (Reserve your space for £50)

Over 10 hours of antenatal and postnatal birth education, 'The Hypnobirthing Book' by Katharine Graves, audios and other materials

If you would like a fixed course framework and to meet other parents-to-be in a small, safe group setting,

then group classes are for you!


£300 (Reserve your space for £50)

A series of tailored sessions of 10+ hours, offered over a period of time that suits you.

Over 12 hours of antenatal and postnatal birth education, 'The Hypnobirthing Book' by Katharine Graves, audios and other materials

If you would like a more flexible course framework that focuses deeply on your individual needs,

where you can ask and explore any situation, then private 1:1 classes are for you! 

From £75

2 sessions or more, at a time that suits you.

If you have already experienced a full hypnobirthing course (any method) and would like to brush up on your knowledge and skills, bespoke refresher classes are for you!


From £60

1 session or more, at a time that suits you

If you are considering or have booked a planned caesarean birth and would like tailored sessions to

help prepare practically and psychologically, then these sessions are for you!


What is hypnobirthing?

The name 'hypnobirthing' can seem confusing but overall it is a logical approach

to birth preparation that can be used for any type of birth. 

Every birth has it's own journey and hypnobirthing antenatal sessions

aim to give you the tools to use in any birth experience, no matter what arises. 

By having an in-depth understanding of pregnancy and birth

you can make informed, evidence-based choices and

you and your birth partner can gain confidence for an empowering experience.

Who is hypnobirthing benefit?

Hypnobirthing benefits EVERYONE, the Mother, birth partner and baby

Hypnobirthing can be used for ANY TYPE of birth, whether it be

*hospital; home; birthing centre; VBAC, planned or unplanned caesarean;

*spontaneous or induced birth

*first-time, second-time or fifth-time

and used alongside other birth relief methods

Classes can be started at anytime during pregnancy, ideally from 20 weeks.

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Doula Services

A Doula is someone who holds a safe, non-judgmental space for you and

provides bespoke emotional and practical care during the antenatal or postnatal period,

in whichever way best supports you. 

A Doula is your cheerleader!

Encouraging, listening, supporting you in birth or with your journey into your new family life.

A Doula is a trained support person and not medically qualified so cannot give medical advice.

Currently the Doula services I can provide are limited due to Government Guidelines. 

Please contact me on 07956 573713 for more details.

How can a Birth Doula support you?

A Birth Doula's key role is to be with you

during the birth of your baby.

To support your birth choices so you can move forward confidentially towards your birthing experience, whether it be in hospital or at home.

Research has shown that having continuous care during your birth can help support

a more comfortable birth.

How can a Postnatal Doula support you!

A Postnatal Doula can provide physical and emotional care for you and your family,

in your own home, whilst you fully focus

on your birth recovery and new baby.

Support can vary depending on your individual needs

and for an amount of time that works for you. 

Thanks for your message,

I will be in contact soon, Sally


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about any of Positive Reasons services

 please contact me on 07956 573713 or send a message

Wishing you all the best in your new journey


Sally x